Course curriculum

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    Module 1 - MINDSET

    • Millionaire mindset for affiliate marketing success and creating amazing results

    • Listen to this video once per day for the rest of your life to keep experiencing success

    • CRITICAL: The mindset of the world's most successful marketers

    • Let's get started and take a look inside of super profitable active campaigns

    • Inspiration to help you set bigger money goals and actually ACHIEVE THEM


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    Module 2 - TECHNICAL

    • How to purchase the best domain name for maximum success with affiliate marketing

    • Let's setup a Google ads account pt.1

    • Let's setup a Google ads account pt.2

    • How to switch into EXPERT MODE

    • How to switch into EXPERT MODE pt.2

    • Pixel tracking setup

    • How to get video ad content for your ads

    • Uploading your videos to your account

    • Link your Youtube channel with ad account

    • How to put your new custom domain to work and start generating profits from ads

    • Let's setup the profit campaigns!!!

    • Ad setup process... continued

    • Keep building out your ad groups

    • IMPORTANT: Final Thoughts

    • What To Do If Your Ads Are NOT Spending?


    • Most Common Q&A

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    Module 3 - SCALING

    • Let's turn up the heat and take it up a notch

    • Optimization phase and scaling up winners

    • Scaling winner ads... continued


    • Easy $20,000 PER DAY Formula

    • Congratulations! You did it

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    • BONUS 1

    • BONUS 2

    • BONUS 3

Become An Expert

Do you remember sitting in a classroom in school when you were younger? The teacher in your classroom was supposed to be a "expert" but the interesting thing is that teacher probably never practiced anything that they taught you. That's called theory. The Affiliate Profit is the only course 100% based on live case studies from experience.

  • Learn the latest profit methods directly from the online paid advertising expert

  • Discover how to turn simple videos into daily cash generating machines

  • Experience your transformation as you dive deep into the training modules

"I purchased your youtube ads course last night. This course was better than I expected, I loved the mindset training. I am selling the OM, I just want to say thanks for the course. I am about to smash this. LetttsssGoooo!" - Josh

“In less than 12 months of bringing Sean onto my team, we created an entirely new product suite and a front end sales funnel that brings in 1000’s of new customers EVERY DAY with 300% profitably. I highly recommend Sean for his expertise in sales funnels and paid ads!” - Wesley Virgin,

"Hi Sean, Today I just completed 7 days training which you were the instructor. And you got yourself a stalker I wanted to thank you so much because i have been trying to do ads for over 2 years and even after buying into a lot of training and even having some mentors, I didn't grasp the concept until you come. Thank you so much for breaking things down so well for the likes of me (rookie) to understand. Warm regards and stay safe." - Christine

"What can I say, I have a newfound level of confidence in my self and an "I can do this" mindset after my week with Mr. X. Sean was very thorough and there were no "stupid questions" He made me feel welcome and he truly had a desire to help us all win and win FAST. My results speak for themselves. This is the net number of course. I went from making a small sale every so often to making consecutive sales 3 days straight. It's only UP from here! Thanks Sean!” - Rod Smith